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Consumer goods trades

Sumstar has been engaged in imports of consumer goods for ages. We bring in overseas high-quality products to meet the requirements of consumers for daily life. The major goods contain red wine, carpet and aquatic products, etc. And we also provide detailed logistics service and living consumption guide.

Red wine:

Originated in the South Africa, high-end imports, Tasted soft and full-bodied.

1100%  imported original bottle of South Africa.

2100% guaranteed quality from wine chateau.

3Purchasing team with international professional wine taster.

4Traditional manual brewing process allows you to enjoy the authentic wine culture.

5Excellent logistics distribution service.


Pure wool products:

Originated in the Egypt. Carpets, tapestries, and many other varieties included, with rich patterns and full sizes.

1100% imported from Egypt.

2100% quality guarantee.

3Rich varieties, meet the various needs.

4Excellent logistics distribution service.


Aquatic products

Originated in the South Africa. Lobster and many other varieties included, safe ingredients, fresh and nutritious.