Nuclear Instrumentation/Equipment

Nuclear Instrumentation/Equipment

System Integration and Trade of Radiation Monitoring Instruments

Sumstar opens up business in non-nuclear power (e.g. commercial inspection, customs, environmental protection, health, etc.), which have been new operating and profit growth points.  

With excellent technical service capability, Sumstar has become a company maintaining and operating the radiation monitoring systems of Dayawan, LingAo and Lingdong nuclear power stations. It has won the laurel of “observing contracts and keeping promise” from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group.

Sumstar has been making progress in the R&D of radiation monitoring technology. It has successfully developed a series of environment-level radiation monitoring meters with independent intellectual property right. Now it continues to invest more money in developing large radiation monitoring equipment.

Sumstar has preliminarily created a radiation monitoring industry chain based on technology trade, led by technology industry and supported by technological R&D, and a radiation monitoring operation and service system integrating multi-sector and multi-level import, sales, integration, R&D and production, and is moving toward combination of technology, industry and trading.

Nuclear power construction is a strategic emerging industry receiving key support from the country. The operation and service of ionizing radiation monitoring equipment and instruments is one of the advantageous main businesses of Sumstar. Relying on its profound background in nuclear industry and human resources in nuclear and radiation, Sumstar has not only created a complete marketing network, but also provides all-sided radiation monitoring solutions. It has grown into an all-round team in China’s radiation monitoring industry.


With strong industrial advantages, Sumstar has participated in the formulation of seven national or industry standards.